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We Secure and Monetize your

Power Platform Solutions

License Power is a drop in Power Platform solution that allows you to monetize your Power Platform applications in minutes.

A complete solution

License Power offers a complete solution, a drop in solution to add to your deployment package, sample code to add to your solutions and a License Management package that integrates with your core D365 CRM Solution 

Easy to use

Our cut and paste sample code shows you how to enable and disable your code across Plugins, Workflows, Forms, Javascript and even PCF Custom Controls.

License Management

Our Administration Solution places Product and License administration directly inside existing Dynamics 365 CRM solution

Track usage

Our telemetry software tracks the version of the solution in use and continually validates it’s integrity.


Offer Free Trials

License Power’s Drop in License solution allows you to offer time limited or limited functionality versions with minimal additional effort.¬†


Easy Administration

Our administration solution shows you exactly who is using your software while our integrity checks ensures people are not abusing it.

Version reporting ensures you check all users are currently using your latest version.


Allow others to bundle your Solution

We started this project to give us a way for others to use our software as part of their own ISV solutions while ensuring we retained some control.

License Power builds upon that to allow other Power Platform ISVs and Partners to license your solutions and / or help you rapidly identify and license solutions that will enhance / fix gaps / reduce development time in your solutions.


  Save months of work.

Power License has been over 2 years in the planning and means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Our drop in solution and sample code means you can secure your solution, monetize it and offer time limited trials in no time at all.

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