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One question any who looks at Microsoft’s licensing for Dynamics 365 over the past 6 months has had is what entities are restricted to Dynamics 365 licenses and which entities can be used within none Dynamics 365 Model Driven Power App Applications.

Last week a customer asked if a particular entity was available so having once again checked if the list of restricted Entities at Microsoft Docs had been updated I decided to take a different approach.

We have a lot of Dynamics 365 instances scattered around for various purposes so I we randomly picked one with Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service installed and compared the entities there with the a new freshly created Model Driven Power Platform environment and this is a list of entities that only exist in Dynamics 365 solutions. 

But warning this is a long list and will take some time to complete. 

Activity Feeds

The following entities are used to generate auto-post records on the Activity Timeline.

EntityUnique NameDescription
Post Albummsdyn_PostAlbum
Post Configmsdyn_PostConfig
Post Rule Configmsdyn_PostRuleConfig
Wall Saved Querymsdyn_wallsavedquery
Wall Saved Query User Settingsmsdyn_wallsavedqueryusersettings

We have a sales pitch here – If you wish to have similar functionality in your solution our TimeLine Post solution provides the same functionality and is enhanced to support Business Process Flows to allow stage update information to be recorded



The following Entities exist in Dynamics 365’s core Marketing Solutions – as such they are not available within your standard Model Driven Power App.

EntityEntity Unique NameDescription
Bulk OperationBulkOperation
Bulk Operation LogBulkOperationLog
Campaign ActivityCampaignActivity
Campaign Activity ItemCampaignActivityItem
Campaign ItemCampaignItem
Campaign ResponseCampaignResponse
List MemberList Member